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What is Portuguese croquette?

In Portuguese, croquettes are known as Rissóis. Rissóis are a popular snack in Portugal and are usually eaten for celebrations or other occasions.

A Rissóis is a savory-filled pastry typically shaped in a half-moon, coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried until a delicious golden brown. They can be enjoyed hot or cold.



My name is Sofia, and I am the owner of SP ORIGINALS. SP ORIGINALS was born out of my love of cooking and wanting to share a part of my Portuguese heritage.
I remember as a little girl being in the kitchen and helping my Avò (grandmother) roll out the pastry for the Rissóis. It was these moments with Avò where I fell in love with cooking and food, and saw how food brought together family and friends.
On my journey as a trained chef I learnt more about food and the relationship between food cultures - the use of different flavours to enhance my dishes, and how important food has become in sharing experiences and moments together.
I was inspired by this journey and through my connection with my family and culture, and importantly my memories cooking and sharing food with my Avò, to bring these delicious Rissóis (croquettes) to everyone with my own twist!
I hope that you enjoy SP ORIGINALS and are able to create your own (delicious) shared memories!

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